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    Feel the setup speed of our HIGH Performance Dedicated Server that comes with HIGH Bandwidth & RAM! You'll get FREE 1 week dedicated server hosting for every 1 working day delay in setup.

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Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server
Ultra Performance
Dedicated Server
1 Mbps 30 Mbps 100 Mbps
Quad Core Xeon Intel Quad Core 2 x Hexa Core
2 x 500GB
1 x 1TB HDD
2 x 1TB
4 x 2TB SAS
+ 2 x 100GB SSD HDD






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7 Advantages of Outsourcing a Dedicated server

  • By-Pass Startup Costs and Get a Robust and Economical IT Infrastructure

    Building the IT infrastructure to support your application can be very costly when you factor in hardware and software costs, knowledgeable staff, environmentally controlled facilities and daily maintenance, let alone setting up an Internet backbone that ensures reliability and uptime for your customers.

  • AIMS Data Center

    An Asia's renowned data center that is situated in Malaysia's intelligent city, Cyberjaya. It has multiple backbones from Tier 1 ISPs which allow global reach and fantastic QOS. It is the only IP transit service in Malaysia that provides SLAs. Connected with good latency to major destinations worldwide and an estimate of 0.01% packet loss rate across the network.

  • Increased productivity

    Researching IT vendors and platforms takes time and resources, and setting it up and testing it all takes even more. With Exabytes Dedicated server, you get a highly reliable platform with the computing power you need to deliver your software services to market more quickly. Besides that, by employing skilled manpower in larger numbers at lower costs companies can really increase their productivity. This in turn would result in better customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

  • Skilled manpower at affordable prices

    By outsourcing your Dedicated server, it gives a company the ability to get access to skilled and trained man power at extremely low rates. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity as well as cost savings.

  • MRTG Bandwidth Usage Graphs

    Exabytes Dedicated Server offers you with real time information about your bandwidth usage through MRTG graph. Exabytes Dedicated Server´s MRTG graph gives you FULL visibility of your server´s traffics.

    What is MRTG? The Multi Router Traffic Grapher, or just simply MRTG, is free software for monitoring and measuring the traffic load on network links. It allows the user to see traffic load on a network over time in graphical form.

  • KVM Over IP

    What is KVM Over IP? KVM Over IP (Keyboard, Video and Mouse Over IP) gives you the ability to remotely access your servers if you were right in front of your system. You get 100% control over your system even if your server´s internet connection is not working. This enables you to remotely reboot your server, get direct console access, re-install your operating system, troubleshoot your server, access your bios, watch your server boot-up and much more.

  • Comparison chart

    Click here to view the comparison table of in-house server and dedicated server.

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Client's Testimonials

  • " Thank you for you and your crew's help because finally i successfully redirect the domain to my blogspot today. Good job exabytes' crew! You are the best! :) "Kevin Tain
  • " This is another reason why exabytes been around for so long and why we customers love em so much. rock on! "fuNky (RS Gusto Trading Enterprise)
  • " In my (soon to be 2 years) hosting/domain renewal with Exabyte (Malaysia), I have not ceased to be amazed by the efficiency of the ticketing system. Tickets are replied the moment they receive your queries irrespective of which department handles your tickets. Another amazing achievement is how well the various departments cooperate to solve a client's problem. I would recommend Exabyte to all Malaysians intending to have their own hosted website as long as they can maintain this tradition of excellence. Special thanks to SH Neoh also for his/her rapidquick reply in solving my queries. "Jo @
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get root access to my own server?
Yes. You will have the root access and total control of your own server.
Where is my server hosted?
Your server will be hosted in AIMS data center, the award-winning data centre.
How long does it take before my server can run in full action?
It depends on the dedicated server package that you purchase. Instant dedicated server will be ready within ONE working day whereas other dedicated server setup will take 3 - 14 working days depending on the hardware availability.
If I have complete control of my server, can I have adult content in my website?
Yes. But the adult contents need to be legal.
Do you provide any type of support for this plan?
Yes. We offer Free 24 x 7 x 365 First Level Technical Support. Our support team is working on shifts 24 x 7 x 365 including public holidays and is ready to assists you any time. Our Support Team can be reached by creating a Helpdesk Ticket at
How can I maintain the server?
You will be given a Remote Desktop login for Windows server and SSH Login for Linux server.
Can I visit the data centre for application maintenance?
Yes. However, you may need to give 24 hours notice in advance prior your visit to the data centre.
Who should be held responsible should there be a hardware failure?
Exabytes will take full responsibility and replace all hardware failures (if any), free of charge.
Can I own the server after hosting it for a certain period?
No. The server is owned by Exabytes.

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